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Your company is on the road to success!

To keep it that way, the engine needs regular maintenance, the deck has to be polished and the compass should be readjusted.

I support you with execution, consulting and coaching. The retail industry and the technology sector are my areas of expertise, which I always approach with a strong sustainability perspective.

I am the right person, if you need a …


to be realized in an environment where agile and classic project management collide, just as junior and senior employees mingle


for a digital product, an analytical setup or a staff and budget plan


successfully build from recruiting over passing through team phases to individual development of team members

To identify collaboration options, setup a meeting or contact me via e-mail (English or German) and I get back to you immediately.

You will get someone who moves easily between workforce and top management, who has international experience and who quickly familiarizes and adapts to new challenges. All this is supplemented by a diversified network.

For more information, please have a look at LinkedIn and Xing.